The Hotel, Riu Touareg
Cape Verde Islands

Unlike the all inclusive we visited in Mexico several years ago this 2,000 bed hotel has plenty of space for everyone and for every taste, provided you are primarily interested in sun, sand and peace and quiet.

It seems that there is some common ownership between Riu Resorts and Hotels and Tui the Travel Group of whom Thomson are part. In any event, Riu Touareg seems to attact a big majority of British guests, with a scattering of other Europeans particularly from Germany, France, so this is in effect a Thomson hotel.

It is located in the middle of a very long beach. It took us an hour to walk to the eastern end and an hour in the other direction took us about half way to the other end.

It appears to be always sunny and windy, making the climate perfect for a winter holiday with the added bug advantage of virtually no mosquitoes, which, apparently the windiness discourages.


Very comfortable.

Armed with room recommendations from Tripadvisor we asked for a nice quiet room with a sea view, and gave some desired numbers but none were available and we got a very quiet room about as far from the sea as was possible.

However, it was an upgrade from a standard to a superior room, essentially a double bed and sofa (bed) instead of twin beds, and we were on the list for a better room.

After a couple of days we were offered a second room, a standard, which we didn't take, and on day four we were offered a very nice second floor Superior room overlooking the green and blue of the main gardens and swimming pool next to the beach, looking due south at the sea, which we took. It was so much brighter than our first room and it was actually rather fun to have a different view.

So we were happy.

Adults only area

The south west corner of the hotel site is an "adults only" area for which a premium is payable. It is hard to say whether this is worthwhile or not as we were very happy in the main area and we noticed many silver wrist banded adults in the main area.

In theory this area has wifi in the rooms but in practice it seems it may not be very good when the demand is heavy. However, it does have a pool without organised activities and big four poster sun-beds, which differentiate the pool side from the main area.


Excellent, great attitude, sense of humour and really helpful.


Very good. All the catering is self service but staff will bring you drinks and set and clear your table. The main buffet restaurant offers the full range of food you expect from an all inclusive and it is generally very good.

For a change, if you get down to the main reception at 8 am, you can book one of three "specialist" restaurants three days in advance. These are still self service buffets, but with a more focused offering. The Asian is the most popular. We had excellent sushi and a very good chicken curry.