Day 2: central Beijing

An early start, up at 6:00 and getting ready with Simon for the 8:00am bus to Central Beijing for a meeting with the FileMaker folk. After a delicious porridge made by Simon in the rice steamer and a green tea we were off in the nearly crisp morning to walk out of our enclosed sculpted and semi-forested gardens hitting the high road for the core of the city with six million other commuting Chinese citizens.

After crossing the Grand Canal we had 90 minutes of stop start congestion driving straight as an arrow winging for the centre of the city from due east at 3 o'clock. They even closed half the road a couple of times to give all the public buses like us a free queue jump for a 1/4 mile or so.

With Simon's as ever excellent navigation we found the offices of FileMaker Beijing ready for our 10 o'clock meeting. I then spent the whole day talking with the FileMaker guys and a local FBA Developer about stuff close to my heart, interspersed by a wonderful Sichuan lunch which included frogs in a stonking sichuan pepper and chilli sauce that virtually numbed my mouth in a very pleasant way.

Simon headed off for a solitary stroll into the centre of the city and then home on the bus to see Lihua and Bogusia off to their Spa session whilst I continued with my technical discussions until just before 7:00pm.

Thank you to Theresa, Nicolas and David for giving up your day to talk with me!

Nicolas took me to the 804 bus stop and an hour later I got off after crossing the Grand Canal finding myself just 300 yds before the entrance to Lihua's apartment. I was quite pleased to have found my way home alone.

Then a pleasant evening in Lihua's immaculate apartment drinking malt whiskey and eating delicious Chinese food.

Tomorrow we plan to visit the main central Beijing sights, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City.