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ga('create', 'UA-5572959-1', 'auto'); ga('send', 'pageview');</script><body class="frame"><div id="page"><nav><ul id="nav"><li><a href="#navL">menu</a></li></ul></nav><section id="s1"><h1>Day 2: central Beijing</h1></section><section id="s2"><h4>An early start, up at 6:00 and getting ready with Simon for the 8:00am bus to Central Beijing for a meeting with the FileMaker folk. After a delicious porridge made by Simon in the rice steamer and a green tea we were off in the nearly crisp morning to walk out of our enclosed sculpted and semi-forested gardens hitting the high road for the core of the city with six million other commuting Chinese citizens. </h4></section><section id="s3"><h4>After crossing the Grand Canal we had 90 minutes of stop start congestion driving straight as an arrow winging for the centre of the city from due east at 3 o'clock. They even closed half the road a couple of times to give all the public buses like us a free queue jump for a 1/4 mile or so.</h4></section><section id="s4"><h4>With Simon's as ever excellent navigation we found the offices of FileMaker Beijing ready for our 10 o'clock meeting. I then spent the whole day talking with the FileMaker guys and a local FBA Developer about stuff close to my heart, interspersed by a wonderful Sichuan lunch which included frogs in a stonking sichuan pepper and chilli sauce that virtually numbed my mouth in a very pleasant way.</h4></section><section id="s5"><h4>Simon headed off for a solitary stroll into the centre of the city and then home on the bus to see Lihua and Bogusia off to their Spa session whilst I continued with my technical discussions until just before 7:00pm.</h4></section><section id="s6"><h4>Thank you to Theresa, Nicolas and David for giving up your day to talk with me!</h4></section><section id="s7"><h4>Nicolas took me to the 804 bus stop and an hour later I got off after crossing the Grand Canal finding myself just 300 yds before the entrance to Lihua's apartment. I was quite pleased to have found my way home alone.</h4></section><section id="s8"><h4>Then a pleasant evening in Lihua's immaculate apartment drinking malt whiskey and eating delicious Chinese food.</h4></section><section id="s9"><h4>Tomorrow we plan to visit the main central Beijing sights, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City.</h4></section><section id="s10"><h4>Goodnight!</h4></section><section id="s11"></section><navL><ul id="navL"><li><a href="#s1">BACK TO TOP OF PAGE</a></li><ul></ul> <li><a href="index.html">1. 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