Day 6: The Engagement Ceremony

This took place on the Friday as the most auspicious day of the week during which we could visit Beijing.

Here is what wikipedia says

In fact Simon & Lihua's betrothal was not complex. We meet with six of Lihua's friends in a private dining room at a hotel, had a smart meal together and then afterwards one of her friends recited some formal words, Simon & Lihua bowed to one another and their guests then Simon got down on one knee and asked Lihua if she would do him the honour of agreeing to become his wife, she said yes and Simon placed his engagement ring on her finger.

The beautiful ruby & silver ear-rings worn by Lihua were designed and made by Bogusia Lightbody who was awarded her hallmark by the Goldsmith's Company in London in 2013.

Then we had much more drinking. Eventually the group of friends took us all off to a sheep kebab shop down a dusty road, a sort of greasy spoon for those who like to eat every part of the sheep and chicken, generally on a skewer. There we ate and drank even more and us three Europeans managed to just about stick with the pace.

We drank a litre of Glenlivet between four of us and I do remember eating several skewers of "chicken elbows" which were quite crunchy. The detritus at the end of this second dinner in a single evening was not inconsiderable!